Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra
China's first philharmonic orchestra of municipal formation.
    The orchestra began its existence in 2018 as a lineup of musicians invited by China to organize the first philharmonic orchestra in Chinese cities with second-tier status. Until then, professional symphony orchestras had been subsidized from the state budget only in provincial capitals. In 2019, through the efforts of the rector of Zhangjiajie University, Mr. Zhang Debin, the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra was established with financial support from the Municipality of the city.
    Between 2018 and 2019, the orchestra's concerts were seen by more than 180,000 audiences.
    "The orchestra's musicians charmed with their skill and won the audience's sympathy." - Chu Linwu, Zhangjiajie Today correspondent
    Qualified management professionals work every day to ensure the best quality.
    • Taras Kutsenko
      Music director
      Chief conductor, composer and music Director
      Professoe Taras Kutsenko is a graduate of the most prestigious and elite universities and conservatories of music including the Moscow School of Musical Performance and Composition (Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory), the Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) School of Conducting, the New York Film Academy, and the California Berkeley School of Sound Engineering.
      Maestro Kutsenko is a member of the Artists' International Association, and is the recipient of the Order of the "World Cultural Diplomacy".
      Professor Emeritus at Masachussetts University USA
      Maestro Kutsenko is a Professor at Zhangjiajie College Jishow University, Hunan, China.
      Global Music Awards Winner
      GRAMMY® & LATIN GRAMMY® Balloted
      Winner of the Seagull Theater Award
      Inducted into the "Hall of Fame" of the Yellow Dragon Music Festival in Hunan, China in 2018.
      Winner of numerous music and movie awards.
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Symphony No 40 in G minor, K 550 1 mov.
    Johann Strauss J.
    On the Beutiful Blue Danube
    • Luo Yong
      Artistic Director
      He is a graduate of Jishow University.
      He is a professor at Zhangjiajie University.
      Hunan Regional Awards Winner
    Oda to the Red Flag
    Symphonic poeme
    Leroy Anderson
    "Fiddle Faddle"
    Orchestra members
    The first violin group
    • Valeriy Moiseenko
      Concertmaster of the orchestra
    • Olena Savchuk
      Assistant concertmaster
    • Olena Lotut
      Assistant Third leader of first violin group
    • Shoira Akhmedova
      Assistant Second leader of first violin group
    • Andriy Sharan
      Third leader of first violin group
    • Vasyl Chepura
      Fourth leader of first violin group
    • Lei Shiyi
      Assistant Fourth leader of first violin group
    The Second violin group
    • Guzal Tadjikulova
      Concertmaster of second violin group
    • Bakhtiyor Choriev
      Assistant concertmaster of second violin group
    • Sayfullo Sayfutdinov
      Third leader of second violin group
    • Li Sin
      Guest musician in the second violin group
    • Wang Haibing
      Guest musician in the second violin group
    The Viola group
    • Peng Yue Yi
      Guest concertmaster of the viola group
    • Wen Zhan
      Guest assistant concertmaster of the viola group
    • Yu Hao
      Guest second leader of viola group
    • Tan Miao Qi
      Guest Assistant second leader of viola group
    Cello group
    • Oksana Tolmachova
      Concertmaster of cello group
    • Galim Akhmerov
      Assistant concertmaster of cello group
    • Gao Zhi Jian
      Guest musician in the cello group
    • Chen Yanying
      Guest musician in the cello group
    • Javlon Yusupov
      Concertmaster of contrabass group
    • Yang Jing Xian
      Guest musician in the contrabass group
    • Bobur Sobirov
    • Abboskhon Akbarov
    Clarinet group
    • Timur Aldungarov
      Concertmaster of clarinet group
    • Shokhzod Esonboev
      Assistant concertmaster of clarinet group